Adaptive Digital Security (ADS)

Digital transformation pressures organizations of all types and sizes to compete in an increasingly digitize and interconnected world. This increased digitization and interconnectedness expose the organization to unprecedented levels of threats to its critical information assets. Traditional approaches for risk assessment, security design and implementation are losing relevance in an environment characterized by higher interdependence, more dynamic organizational structures, and larger flows of digital information across the organization’s boundaries.

Adaptive Digital Security (ADS) offer a holistic and cost-effective solution to address these challenges. Built on the solid foundation of Systems Thinking, ADS enables organizations to quickly develop a thorough understanding of their critical capabilities and operations, and identify core digital and physical resources and assets that enable these capabilities.

By focusing the risk identification and assessment task, and the subsequent security design, on the organization’s primary process and objectives, ADS helps clarify the purpose of the information security program, and facilitates its development and implementation.

Additionally, by encouraging and actively seeking the participation of affected stakeholders in the security design process, ADS greatly reduces resistance to change, and helps promote wide adoption of the developed security policies and countermeasures. ADS also supports different establish change management approaches to help ease the transition toward the new security program.

For more information on how Adaptive Digital Security can help your organization create and implement an effective information program, and to discuss any relevant challenges, please feel free to contact us.