Cyber Security Dynamics

Striving to win in the customer centricity race, organizations are digitizing increasing volumes of information from difference sources and channels. In their efforts to create frictionless and compelling user experiences, these organizations are collecting, combining and sharing unprecedented amounts of digital assets. It is becoming increasingly difficult to fully understand the security implications for all these data collection, combination and sharing actions in order to plan appropriate risk mitigation measures. At the same time, customer awareness of threats to their digital information is growing, and their demands for demonstrable due diligence in dealing with these information are higher than ever.

Systematics Consulting has been working with several partners to address this specific challenge. Realizing the complex, interdependent and continuously changing information environments in which organizations operate today, a holistic and dynamic approach to the management of information security was clearly needed. For this purpose, Systematics Consulting developed Cyber Security Dynamics (CSD), a set of tools based on the study of System Dynamics to help organizations achieve reasonable understanding of their security posture.

Cyber Security Dynamic (CSD) includes dynamic system modelling, simulation and scenario evaluation, and policy option assessments to properly gauge and evaluate the risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the organization’s digital assets.

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