The security challenges facing organizations today are not limited to addressing existing threats and vulnerabilities. These are already known, and there are lots of approaches and methodologies to deal with them. With diligent effort and focused work, the impact of these risks can be controlled to an acceptable level. The real challenge lies in addressing the uncertainty of unknown threats and risks that will most likely happen in the future as a result of the rapid adoption of new technologies.

Organizations today are racing to adopt the latest technological advancements (such as Augmented Reality, Autonomous Drones, Wearable Devices, etc.) as the basis of completely new business models and innovative value propositions. In this race, however, the security challenges and implications seem to get little attention.

FutureSecure is an integrated methodology designed to help organizations plan and prepare for the threats that they will inevitably face in the future. FutureSecure is based on a systematic scenario planning approach to assist in the identification and assessment of emerging and future risk. The methodology defines these risk categories as follows:

  • Emerging Risks: Result from the use of existing technology in new applications, or the use of new technology in an existing application. (Timeframe: 3-5 years into the future).
  • Future Risks: Result from the use of new technology in new applications. (Timeframe: more than 5 years into the future).

FutureSecure provides a structured workflow and a well-defined set of scenario templates and examples to enable organizations to quickly and cost-effectively understand the future security implications of the use of newt technologies. Based on this understanding, organizations can determine their relevant risk tolerance, and devise effective risk treatment plans to ensure that their adoption of new technologies is supported by a clear awareness of potential risks and treatment options.

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